What We Do

Montano Designs builds Joomla! websites and we're really good at it. We don't attempt to be all things to all people, but to find a niche market and be the very best. We have developed websites for multinational corporations, world-renown charitable institutions, colleges and universities, as well as small to mid-range businesses.

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How We Do It

We listen to you. What separates Montano Designs from the competition is our ability to fully understand our client's end goal. We stay current with the design trends, website standards, and available technology. We use Joomla! as our platform and then build on it to create custom websites that reflect our clients unique position in the world wide web.

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Why We Do It

Helping people achieve their goals is our driving force. We get a lot of personal satisfaction from taking your brilliant idea and converting that to web application that propels your success. We provide our clients with a robust platform that for the money is a lot of bang for the buck!

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Our ServicesWe are ALL Joomla, ALL the time!

Consulting & Strategy

You have a great idea for a website, but where do you start?Save time and money with a clear plan of action.

Joomla Updates

It's 11PM do you know what version you're running?Joomla security is only as good as the version you are operating. Let us help you update..

Security Audits

Take steps to prevent your website from being hacked with a Joomla security audit report..

Social Marketing

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Website Design & Development

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Mobile Website Development

We build responsive websites so your website will look perfect on a phone or tablet.

Search Engine Optimization

Let people find your great site with best practices SEO.


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Welcome Aboard

CAIRO (AP) -- Egypt's government extended the powers of military police and intelligence agents on Wednesday to allow them to arrest civilians for a wide range of offenses, just days before the runoff for a president who will replace the country's military rulers as head of state. Prominent human rights lawyer Gamal Eid and other rights activists said the decision was tantamount to declaring martial law and offered concrete evidence of what was long suspected - that the military wants to extend its grip on power after handing executive authority to an elected president by the end of this month. Gen. Adel el-Morsi, the head of military judiciary, said the decision by the Justice Ministry - part of a government appointed by the ruling military council - provides "legal cover" for the presence of military forces in the streets, 16 months after they were deployed during last year's uprising. "There is a need to put in place a law to regulate the presence of army troops ... to enable them to secure presidential elections or carry out security sweeps to arrest fugitives and outlaws," he told Al-Ahram daily's website. That statement suggests anxiety about new turmoil breaking out on Egypt's already chaotic streets should ousted authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak's former prime minister, Ahmed Shafiq, be elected in the runoff on Saturday and Sunday. Shafiq is facing Islamist candidate Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that Mubarak's regime repressed for many years. The military has pledged to turn power over to the elected, civilian government once a new president is named. But even then, the military is intent on protecting its powerful position, including its widespread economic interests. In a joint statement, 16 rights groups said the decision "doubles doubts" over the military's pledge to transfer power to a civilian authority and reinforces suspicions that the "transfer of power will only be phony and won't prevent the military from remaining a major player in political life." Military officials said the arrest powers are a temporary measure intended to fill a security vacuum that arose from the uprising, when the police collapsed and disappeared from the streets after masses of protesters vented their hatred for the force. "The police force has not recovered completely, and security is not back," Sayyed Hashim, a former military prosecutor, said in a TV interview. The decision covers at least 11 crimes, many of them are related to the right to demonstrate, including resisting authorities, halting traffic, damaging buildings and harming government security internally and externally. The extension of arrest powers would remain in effect until a new constitution is in place. But like most things in Egyptian political life these days, that process too is fraught. On Tuesday, parliament voted on a 100-member panel to draft the document, but liberals who were the driving force behind the uprising boycotted the session. An earlier attempt to name the panel collapsed because of opposition from liberals who challenged the panel in courts. Both times they charged that Islamists were unfairly dominating the procedure. Activists warned the new arrest powers recreate Egypt's notorious emergency law, which expired at the end of May after 31 years in force. That hated law gave police broad powers to detain and arrest people without charge and was abused to persecute the old regime's political enemies. "This is a declaration of martial law, as if we are living in a banana republic," said Eid, the rights lawyer. He said parliament has the legislative power to thwart a ministerial decision. However, according to Egypt's interim-constitution, the parliament is crippled because the ruling generals must endorse any legislation for it to take effect. Human Rights Watch researcher Heba Morayef called the decision "shocking" and said "it is basically trying to confirm the fact that the military can continue to be involved in law enforcement ... in the absence of emergency laws." Even after the emergency law expired, the generals who took power after Mubarak was deposed in last year's uprising have rounded up protesters, referring them to military tribunals known for swift and harsh rulings. Many rights activists equate the military police with Mubarak's much-hated security forces. The military police have been accused of torturing detainees, carrying out "virginity tests" on female protesters, and beating up protesters in the streets. The decision comes a day before rulings by the country's highest court that could dissolve the Islamist-dominated parliament and even cancel the weekend runoff, scenarios that would throw the democratic transition into limbo. The Constitutional Court is expected to rule whether the law organizing parliamentary elections late last year was unconstitutional. If the court agrees, the current legislature - where the Muslim Brotherhood is the biggest party with nearly half the seats - would be disbanded and Egyptians would have to go back to the polls to choose a new one. In a second case, the court will decide whether Shafiq, Mubarak's last prime minister before he was ousted in February 2011, can stay in the race or not. The court is to rule on the validity of a "political exclusion" law passed by parliament barring many former regime figures from running for office. If it backs the law, Shafiq would have to drop out and the presidential election process may have to start over from scratch. Thousands of protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square every day for weeks demanding the law be enforced to exclude Shafiq. Dozens of activists went on a hunger strike in the past days and are organizing protests in front of the court to demand it disqualify Shafiq, who they deride as a "feloul" or "remnant" of the old guard. A heavy security presence including troops with shields and helmets was deployed to protect the court. The Muslim Brotherhood, now Egypt's most powerful political group, is threatening to stage rallies if Shafiq wins - a victory that would undoubtedly bring charges of vote-rigging. Shafiq, when asked earlier what would be his reaction if masses rallied against him in Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the uprising, said troops can clear the square in no time. Authors: AP Top International News At 7:23 p...

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What Our Customers Say

  • YOU ARE KICKING ASS!!! The website looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rhonda Thomas
  • Montano Designs has been like a breath of fresh air - performing as represented, and then some. Creative, knowledgeable, and within the time frame promised. Having worked with another Web Design Company in the past, this one was a good experience.
    David Weekley
  • We just cannot say enough good things about the staff of Montano Designs . They really went the extra mile for us. The added research and extra work done for our site has really made it stand out. Our client response has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to continuing our website relationship with Montano Designs .
    Rick Pharr
  • Montano Designs has a lot of experience in implementing quality websites with the Joomla! CMS. I have had the pleasure a few times to work with her on a few of her projects. If you need something done, you hire Montano Designs !
    Robin Muilwijk
    Joomla Core Team and Board member, eZ Publish Community Project
  • Highly effective, super easy to work with. Couldn't recommend more highly.
  • Montano Designs did a fantastic job with my website, at a great price and fast! She took the drab legal website I was using and gave it a far better look than any of the canned attempts that other big companies were trying to pawn off on me. Cindy Montano was also particularly helpful in helping with all ancillary computer issues that were involved. Great job, Montano Designs!
    Greg DiLeo
  • I love my website that Montano Designs did for me. It's fun, colorful and informative. In the first few weeks that my website was up I got a new annual customer for my magazines that more than paid for the website. I'm very happy with the excellent service that Montano Designs provides.
    Peg Casey
  • I really just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You So Much for my new website. She is not only talented and patient, she has also become a trusted friend to me. Sometimes to appear Professional, we need to hire professionals. Montano Designs is my secret. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
  • Oh my Goodness! Oh my Goodness! Oh my Goodness! That's exactly what I wanted.

    Rebekah E.W. Hoskins
  • Our most sincere thanks for making our website so beautiful. It is simply amazing how you make something so complicated so simple, I will refer to all in need of an amazing website.
    Robert Rivera
  • Montano Designs was fantastic to work with! They listened to all of our requests, worked efficiently through several iterations and came up with our winning design. I would highly reco mmend her to anyone looking for a new logo! Nicely done Montano Designs!
  • I contacted Montano Designs with little understanding of web site design. I spoke with Montano Designs and asked her if she could construct a site that could serve as my graphic design portfolio. Montano Designs seems to have a gift of being able to hear and envision what you want. She was able to design a professional site that captured my style and personality. Montano Designs was able to accomplish everything quickly and smoothly. We worked over the phone and through e-mail with ease.
    Kimberly McCaskey
  • Montano Designs helped to upgrade our joomla website, and she has a tallent for aesthetic appeal. The site looks great now.
    Jonathan Colson
    Manager/Owner at HCG Diet Clinic
  • I very much like the look of the new site.
    Isabelle Fabian
  • I just wanted to let you know that your designs are awesome. I was checking out the Wounded Warrior Project site, when I realized that you are using Joomla. I see your company uses it extensively and I just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for the work you do. Keep up the awesome work.
    Julie Baadte
  • Wow, awesome, superlative, radical, exciting... you the woman!
    Eric Zandes
  • The website looks great.

  • I worked with Montano Designs on one of those "rush-jobs" with a site that needed to be done 'yesterday' before appearing on TV. Luckily, Montano Designs and I had the time available at that moment and were able to shift other projects to meet the deadline. Her expertise with Joomla was essential to the project as we had to customize a template and get several components up and running quickly. Montano Designs is also extraordinary in optimizing her sites for search engines, using SEO to attain natural top listings in Google.
    Brian Shea
    Seven Sages - Website Management
  • Montano Designs has been a long time supporter of Joomla! and is actively helping out users within the community whenever she can.
    Brad Baker
    Joomla Leadership Team - Rochen Joomla Performance Hosting
  • Again, the website is so beautiful. Thank you again for all the work you have put in so far; please know this will directly effect the lives of so many children. We are very excited to get it finalized and live.
    Megan Dean