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Last Day to Get the Web Designer’s Bundle 2

UPDATE: The limited time promo for the Web Designer’s Bundle 2 has ended. The resources are still available to Vandelay Premier members. You can learn more about membership here. This post is just a quick reminder that our current promotion, the Web Designer’s Bundle 2, ends today. With this bundle you can get a huge collection of more than 60 resource packs like UI sets, PSD files, icons, Photoshop brushes, vectors, patterns, text styles, and more.

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A Guide to the Most Loved and Hated Fonts

The type used to communicate a message is every bit as important as the language used to do it. Different typefaces, or, in this digital age, fonts, signify different levels of sincerity, whimsy, or authority. Some fonts automatically feel more official, while others cannot help but feel like fun. Some are easier to read while others are more of a struggle for the eye. Is there a computer-using, high school or college student who hasn’t played with different fonts and font sizes to try and extend a paper that is running a bit short of a required page length?

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30 Original and Clever Digital Illustrations of Characters

Talented illustrators have the ability to do what few people are capable – literally create a character or world from scratch and breathe it into life. This collection focuses on characters illustrated by some very talented designers. Make sure to check these designers out and let them know you appreciate their work. Some of these posters are so incredibly detailed that the screenshot in this article simply does not do the actual image justice. has a degree in English and has found her niche writing about marketing, advertising, branding, web and graphic design, and desktop publishing.

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How Freelancers Can Go on Vacation without Losing Clients

Switching from a conventional 9-5 job to freelancing in every kind of profession- from writing children’s book to web design, comes with all kinds of great new standards of life – and some real slaps in the face as well. For example, maybe you were shocked to discover that you no longer get paid for responding to emails, or sick days are a thing of the past, or just how much time and effort goes into finding new clients. With time, most freelancers who stick with their career change will learn to balance their time, charge their client’s enough to make their time worth it, and start produce better work faster. However, the one constant that is difficult for every freelancer is vacation time. Once you’ve built up a list of good clients who regularly come to you for assignments, the last thing you want to do is lose one by spending time on the beach.

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