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25 Websites with Stunning Big Background Photos

High-quality photographs can have a huge impact on the look of a website. The photos can either help to enhance the design, or they can serve as a focal point. In some cases, the entire background (or a large percentage) of a website will consist of a large photo. In these situations the other design elements wind up complementing the photo, instead of the other way around. In this post we’ll showcase 25 websites that make use of very large background photos.

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9 Leading Options for Managed WordPress Hosting

As WordPress has continued to increase in popularity, a number of companies have found ways to meet the hosting needs of WordPress users by offering managed WordPress hosting. While most web hosts offer an easy WordPress installation, they don’t usually provide support for WordPress, themes, and plugins. This new breed of hosts that specifically target WordPress users often provide support for WordPress related issues. Additionally, and equally important, their servers are configured for the best WordPress performance. This article will provide some basic information on 9 of the leading providers of managed WordPress hosting, and at the end I’ll share some of my own thoughts.

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25 Useful Photoshop Background Tutorials

icon and vector bundle (worth $54) just for subscribing to our weekly newsletter! Photoshop offers countless possibilities for creating stunning backgrounds for websites, posters, flyers, wallpapers, and any other type of design. Fortunately, there are a lot of good tutorials that show step-by-step how you can create a specific type of background. In this post we’ll link to 25 different tutorials for creating backgrounds. We recommend that you find a few that look interesting to you and work through the tutorial to see if you can learn something new.

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21 Awesome Bright and Colorful Websites

Finding the right color scheme for a website design can often be a real challenge. Bright colors are sometimes not favored by designers, but in the right situation they can be very effective. In this post we’ll showcase examples of 21 different bright and colorful websites. Hopfully, seeing these examples will give you some inspiration when you’re considering color schemes in your own work. By seeing what other designers are doing and how they are able to make colorful web designs work, you may get some ideas of your own.

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