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Free Download: Sky UI Kit

Today we have a free UI kit that will help you to create beautiful websites faster. and it includes a variety of different elements that I’m sure you’ll find to be useful. The resources included in this UI kit are free for use on personal and commercial projects, no attribution required. Please see the “readme” file in the download for details. Michael Reimer is a professional web designer from Canada.

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Coding a Guided Registration Form with jQuery

Techniques for building a usable registration form can be a major factor towards bringing in new users. When you’ve got an overly complicated form it can scare away so many first time visitors. But a great technique for keeping these people around is coding form hints into the layout. In this tutorial I want to demonstrate how we can build such an interface with CSS3 and jQuery. We can embed hidden form tips which only display when the user has focused on a particular field.

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Simplicity Beyond Borders: 19 Notable Minimalist Print Advertisements

Advertisements are usually the hardest tools to make when it comes to having a business. These materials can either make or break your connection with the people making it important to carefully plan your set. You must know what would work best for you and consider how it would deliver the message to your target market. Since there are various forms of ads being used nowadays, it can be quite confusing when choosing the perfect one. Yet, if you are caught up with a limited budget then maybe you’d want to consider going for prints instead.

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Picking a Mobile Strategy

With the proliferation of mobile devices growing ever larger, it’s become necessary to consider not just what content to put on your website, but how it will be viewed, and from where. Assuming your website is only going to be viewed on a computer monitor is about as outdated as an eight-track tape deck. Today’s Internet enthusiast is just as likely (some evidence would say more likely) to look at your website from their smartphone. But here’s the problem—that awesome website you just paid big bucks for only looks awesome when viewed on a great, big LCD monitor. y to bring it up on your phone and you’ll spend more time scrolling up and down, and left and right, to read it than you’ll want to spend. Then there’s the problem of functionality.

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