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‘Vendor Tokens’ Offer Another Way Out of the CSS Prefix Mess

by Max Klinger. The four ladies up top are named Gecko, WebKit, Trident and Presto. might offer a way out of the CSS vendor prefixes mess. CSS vendor prefixes were designed to help web developers by providing a way to target CSS rules to specific browsers and use proposed standards before they were finalized. The W3C’s CSS Working Group is currently in the process of trying to fix some of the problems.

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Mozilla: Windows 8 a ‘Return to the Digital Dark Ages’

Windows RT makes Firefox sad. Mozilla is crying foul at Microsoft’s coming Windows 8, which will limit what third-party applications like Firefox can do on future Windows devices. The limitations in the coming Windows RT — Microsoft’s name for the flavor of Windows 8 specifically tailored to tablet-friendly ARM chips — mean that on ARM-based devices Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will enjoy privileged access not granted to other web browsers. Harvey Anderson, Mozilla’s General Counsel, says that Windows RT’s restrictions signal “an unwelcome return to the digital dark ages. on traditional PCs, Microsoft’s restrictions mean that there will be no similar version of Firefox for the new Windows RT.

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Gitspective: A Facebook-Style Timeline for Your Code

Wired's Gitspective on life. What’s far more interesting than what your friends are doing? What your code is doing, of course. developer Zach Moazeni’s Facebook-style timeline for your GitHub events. to pull in pushes, forks, gists, branches, tags, follows and comments, displaying them in a vertical timeline reminiscent of Facebook.

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WebKit Offers Early Preview of ‘Web Intents’

Web Intents are a kind of meta-website API that would allows sites to easily pass data between each other — for example, to edit a photograph or share a URL with friends. Web Intents offer a way to connect your favorite sites to each other and pass data between them. The canonical example is a photo-sharing website that wants to let you edit your uploaded images. tag tells the browser that the button wants to connect to a photo-editing service. The browser would then either connect to your favorite online photo editor or offer a list of options.

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