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Opera’s ‘SPDY’ Sense Tingling in Labs Release

of Opera’s flagship desktop web browser adds support for the nascent SPDY protocol. from Opera. SPDY, pronounced “speedy,” is a replacement for the HTTP protocol — the language currently used when your browser talks to a web server. When you request a webpage or a file from a server, chances are your browser sends that request using HTTP. The server answers using HTTP, too.

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Give Us 15 Minutes, and We’ll Give You Git

Git is in your browser, versioning your files. 8212; a way for new users to try out both Git and GitHub right in the web browser, no software installation necessary. 8212; which explain Git in great detail. But nice as those resources are they still require installing software before you can get to the hands-on learning. Try Git skips the installation and puts a Git prompt right in your browser.

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Google to Shut Down iGoogle

Google is cleaning house again. Buzz, Knol and Gears, among others. The most notable Google service on the chopping block this time is iGoogle, the company’s customizable homepage. or the now defunct PageFlakes, iGoogle was a dashboard for the web, allowing users to embed gadgets like weather, email and news. When iGoogle first launched in 2005 it was something of a me-too effort, duplicating features found in other services, but adding numerous Google-centric gadgets.

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Jokes for Nerds: Decrypting Like a Hacker on TV

is a silly little Python script that lets you act like a hacker on TV; you know the scenes — a terminal window full of garbage slowly coalesces into a decrypted, er, something, usually just in time to save someone from certain death/ruin.

Perhaps the best part of the Decrypt. py effort from developer Jouke Waleson, is the potential use case: “recover some friend’s hard drive (i. e. he destroyed his mbr).

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