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Twitter’s New Logo Inspires Parodies, CSS Greatness

Twitter's new logo versus its Batman parody. In case you’ve been too busy using third-party apps to notice, Twitter recently unveiled a new logo. the Twitter blog, “this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter. 8221; At least they aren’t being too over the top about it. a design agency in Stockholm, have done.

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Google Readies Chrome for Windows 8 Metro

Coming soon to Windows 8 Preview: Google Chrome. Google is hard at work on a version of its Chrome browser that will work with Windows 8′s Metro environment. The Chromium blog recently announced that the next build of Chrome’s dev channel will run in both the Metro and desktop environments of Windows 8. and as of now there will be no version of Chrome for WinRT, the version of Windows 8 designed to run on ARM processors. Since WinRT is the most likely candidate for tablets that means any Windows 8 tablets will be Chrome-free.

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W3C Gives Its Blessing to Prefix-Free CSS Animations

by Max Klinger. The four ladies up top are named Gecko, WebKit, Trident and Presto. from CSS 3 Transforms, Transitions and Animations. CSS vendor prefixes were designed to help web developers by giving them a way to target CSS to specific browsers and use proposed standards before they were finalized. By prefixing properties developers can target any quirks in specific browsers until the standard is finalized.

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Cure the High-Res Blurs With SVG and Icon Fonts

The high-res future is coming fast. Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired. means that web developers need resolution-independent graphics. for much longer. It’s true that a slightly blurry icon or logo on the iPad probably isn’t going to ruin a site by driving visitors away in droves, but it is a problem, and one that will only become more obvious as higher-resolution screens proliferate.

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