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Error 451: This Page Has Been Burned

Earlier this month Google developer advocate Tim Bray proposed a new HTTP Error status code aimed at shining a light on web censorship. would work somewhat like the Error 404 pages you’ve probably seen. But instead of telling you that the page could not be found, an Error 451 response would let you know that the page you were looking for had been censored. independently suggested 451 as well). As it stands, most web-blocking tools return a 403 error (which means access is forbidden) when denying access to censored pages.

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Clean Up Your CSS With ‘Dust Me Selectors’

If you stop building they will come. Or something like that. In a perfect world, lost somewhere in a parallel universe, websites are designed, built and then run smoothly forever and nothing ever changes. Instead of doors that open into space or stairs that go nowhere, websites are littered with commented-out HTML, inline styles and unused CSS rules. but at some point it seems to end up a tangled mess that needs refactoring.

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Gmail: Now With Custom Themes

Webmonkey could be in your Gmail, hanging out. Gmail’s web interface has long offered themes, allowing you to change its appearance to suit your whims, but choices were limited to the few canned options Google made available. The color schemes in Gmail themes are still limited to Google’s picks, but now Google is allowing users to upload their own images to create custom backgrounds. To try out the new options head to Gmail’s settings menu and click the Themes link. Then look for the Custom Themes section where you’ll see a link to “Change your background image.

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Video: Mozilla Developer Shows Off the Power of WebAPI

a cross-platform, web-based API for accessing features on mobile devices. If WebAPI succeeds it could provide an open, web-based alternative to the proprietary app systems on today’s mobile devices. The goal of the WebAPI effort is to help web apps access the same features that platform-specific mobile apps enjoy. That way web apps could better compete with platform-native applications. GPS info, network status and accelerometer.

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