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Showcase of Amazing Websites with Attention to Detail

Often times what really puts a website’s design over the top is the subtle details. Creating a beautiful website requires a great deal of attention to detail. Many visitors will barely notice subtle details, but the overall result is that they pull the design together and give it a completed look that visitors love.In this post we’ll showcase 20 websites from various designers that show incredible attention to detail. This can be a great source of inspiration when you are working on your own designs.El Passion El Passion makes excellent use of a subtle texture on the background, interesting drop shadows on text and other design elements, a cool hover effect on the logo, and more.Atelier The top center of the Atelier design uses a unique shadow effect.Carnation Group Small touches like the drop shadow on slider controls help to make Carnation Group’s site well polished.Rapp Each of the links in Rapp’s navigation menu has a different background color on hover.Capitol Couture Small details in the vertical navigation menu include a subtle texture, pixel perfect borders, and colored numbers.Ascension Latorre The texture in the header gives it a completely different feel than it would have with a flat color or a gradient.Telegramme Studio The subtle texture background and wavy borders help to make Telegramme Studio a memorable design.Sacha Greif The content area has a subtle shadow effect on top of the background that adds a nice touch to the design.Taiyab Raja The thumbnails shown on Taiyab’s portfolio uses a drop shadow that give it a much different look than a thumbnail without the drop shadow.Scene72 The thumbnails on Scene72′s portfolio have a unique background that uses colors from the thumbnail.Bloapp Thumbnails at Bloapp use rounded corners and a drop shadow.BERG Cloud The 3D buttons make this navigation menu unique and interesting.Hello Berry Helloe Berry’s header uses a background pattern that adds to the design without dominating it.The Archer Group The Arch Group’s header uses thin borders with a hand-drawn look rather than a solid, standard border.Designers.MX Designers.MX uses a nice textured background.Gerren Lamson Gerren Lamson’s header uses a light, textured pattern that gives it a much different look than a flat color would, but it’s still a somewhat subtle touch.Beta Punch Beta Punch’s design uses a subtle textured pattern effectively.CSS Igniter The CSS Igniter design uses a space-inspired image with a grid overlay to create an interesting look.Remedy Remedy uses a seamless textured pattern to create a subtle background.Band Themer Band Themer’s header uses a texture that gives it a nice feel and fits with the textured background.For more design inspiration please see:Design Agency WebsitesCorporate WebsitesReal Estate WebsitesPhotography WebsitesMarketing Agency WebsitesAuthors: Steven Snell

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