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Joomla and Smartphones

In February 2010 Google adopted a new strategy that the company's focus is now more on smartphones than on desktops. Eric Schmidt summed this up with a new motto: "Mobile First". Google developers started to create versions of new services for smartphones before creating ones to run on PCs. At that time the global smartphone penetration reached a average of 15% (2009). Two years later, we talk about a global smartphone penetration of 30% (2011). Only in 2011, nearly 500 millions smartphones were shipped.Authors: Joomla!™ Community Magazine

Read more Joomla!™ and Smartphones" href="http://magazine.Joomla!™.org/issues/Issue-Mar-2012/item/694-Joomla!™-and-Smartphones" >http://magazine.Joomla!™.org/issues/Issue-Mar-2012/item/694-Joomla!™-and-Smartphones

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